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  • Proper lacing with a touch of elegance.
  • Proper lacing ensures maximum performance and Edea laces ensure perfect lacing.
  • They are made of carded, flat tubular Polyester making them tangle-resistant and extra strong.
  • Edea have added extra long ends to ensure easy threading.
  • Edea have added a finishing touch of style to these laces with a Crystal from Swarovski® lazered onto the lace.
  • Because laces take so much strain even specially designed skate laces wear out.
  • Laces should be changed as soon as they lose their texture and elasticity as this will mean they come loose more often.
  • On average laces need to be replaced every 3-4 months.


Tip: To avoid laces coming out from the eyelets, most skaters make a knot at the end of the laces, but this makes it difficult when you need to change the laces, so simply insert the top inside instead!

Edea Laces With Swarovski Crystals

  • Return Policy

    Please phone the store at 920-887-3262 for return authorization.

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