The GALAXY Practice Pad is the latest addition to the Practice Pad collection and is available now!
Works best on hard floor but also on sturdy carpet.
This pad comes with all the patented design traits of the Original Practice Pads including anti-slip surface, foam center for a sprung floor feeling, along with silicone underside to stop from slipping around.
It has a celestial Galaxy inspired design to help you dance for the stars and provides a little more space with its unique rectangle design measuring 35.5" x 47.25".
Practice Pads are by far the most lightweight, durable, portable and non-slip dance pads out there and our innovative patented designs will make you want to PRACTICE!
Ideal for any style of percussive dance style- Tap, Irish, Flamenco, Clogging etc.,
Dimensions: 35.5" x 47.25" 

Tap Dance Practice Pad (Galaxy)


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