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Rink Tote 2.0

Ever since we first introduced the original Rink Tote to the figure skating world just over 10 years ago, our focus has always been to offer skaters an easy organization of their in-rink essentials while keeping their spirits up with its iconic style in various color palettes and material choices. It was an instant hit, and soon it went on to become a common fixture at any rink all over the world while creating a new product category in the process.

Certain things have changed since then, both on and off the ice. For one, CDs seem to be mostly gone by now, and definitely more people are carrying their own water bottles, insteaad of disposable plastic bottles. This marks the first major design change ever for our signature product, and we wanted to make sure these societal changes would be reflected while maintaining our focus on our brand philosophy; Practicality with Style.

Except only we just took it to a whole new level, inside and out!

 From the new 3-compartment structure with better organization and load balance, to the handles you can now “mix and match” even between front and back, to the multi-purpose aluminum utility chain that can be both functional and stylish additions, we thought it all out for you so it helps you get the most out of your precious time on the ice while sitting pretty and cheering you (silently) from the board day in, day out. 

Kiss N Cry Rink Tote 2.0

$65.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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